close-up of branch pruning
pear tree

Join Us for a Free Seminar
Saturday, April 21st @ 10:30 a.m.

Location: 627 Route 1, York, Maine (in the Eldredge Building)

Are you having an ongoing battle of dominance with your young trees? Do you cut out half the tree one year just to have it grow twice as large and unruly the next year? Did your beautiful fruit tree only offer three measly, mealy apples last year, while the neighbor’s tree seemed to be the sole supplier of apples for the entire country?

If you need a hand taming your young fruit and ornamental trees then you’ll want to sit in the front row for this training. There are specific pruning strategies for young trees to ensure good structure, flower and fruit production without creating overwhelming regrowth. Those pruning strategies – as well how much tree to cut and at what time of year – will be discussed in this interactive presentation. You’ll go home knowing how best to work with your trees, not against them.

Tchukki Andersen has been pruning and caring for trees for over 25 years. She is a Board Certified Master Arborist and a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, and works as the Staff Arborist for the Tree Care Industry Association in Londonderry, NH. Her area of expertise includes tree health care through proper pruning, soil management and growing-site conditions. Tchukki has addressed audiences all around the country in webinars, conferences, magazine articles and press releases with the hope of teaching people how to better care for their trees and shrubs.

 Tchukki Andersen