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Powder Rooms with Pizazz

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It may be the smallest room in the house, but who says it can’t pack a punch?!

Bold paint colors, vessel sinks, glass tile and crystal sconces are just a few design elements to jazz up your bath. That little room tucked under the stairs or along the hall has the power to say, “WOW!”

With a few simple, but well thought out selections, a stylish powder room is well within reach. So, where to being?

blue tile sink
metal sink basin on stone pedestal


If it’s drama you want, a bold paint color makes a strong statement.

  • Painting stripes in a vertical pattern brings height to a low ceiling.
  • Wallpaper and wall covering is making a comeback. A large scale pattern is dramatic in a small space.
  • A richly textured grass cloth lends an organic feel.
  • Highlight only the wall behind the vanity. It could be papered or tiled to complement the countertop and sink, along with the rest of the room.
bath design - sahara


Tile is a great way to define a particular style.

  • A sleek glass tile behind a gorgeous vessel sink will bring a modern look.
  • Richly textured slate tile behind a stone vessel sink lends an organic feel.
  • An octagon Carrara marble tile on the floor is a traditional style; paired with a bright red vanity with jeweled hardware and you have drama.
white vanity on black pedestal
plum vanity with white inlay


  • Can be open below to save space and money.
  • Countertops can go wall to wall to make a narrow space feel wider.
  • Faucets can be wall mounted; always a cool look!
  • Countertops can be natural stone or beautiful grained wood.

Mirrors & Lighting

Mirrors can be sleek or richly ornate. Trim can be painted with high glass paint. Lighting can’t be overlooked. A petite crystal chandelier brings sparkle and elegance. Pendant lights are fun in a small space. There are great light fixtures for every budget and don’t forget they can be placed on the mirror, too.


Accessorize with colorful textured towels! A decorative soap dispenser makes hand washing easier. There are beautiful stone and glass dispensers available.

Mixing styles creates great design. Go big, be brave! Add a little whimsy somewhere, it makes people smile!

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Nancy Bither

Suzie Getman is our Design Consultant in the Tile & Flooring department. She has been working in bath design for over 8 years. Her specialty is tile design. A New Hampshire native, she holds degrees in Human Services and Education. Her love of design began when she purchased an old Cape Cod home many years ago and began furnishing it by attending estate auctions and scouring consignment shops. She has completed course work in Interior Design and Color and is also certified in ADA and Aging in Place design.

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